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Aww, if all of us had a heart and soul like Huxley, the world would be a beautiful place.

Gail Aldwin’s This Much Huxley Knows is the sensitive portrayal of a young child looking into the adult world and finding things he cannot be happy with making it a must-read for all. Thru the eyes of Huxley who has a unique sense of humor that is hardly understood by the adults around him, the author addresses issues pertaining to prejudices and misconceptions.

The world has changed into a scary place with pedophiles and kidnappers so strangers being friendly and offering chocolate to children are looked upon with suspicion. Huxley recognizes the lonely soul of Leonard but not everyone shares his views. It is such a true reflection of the society as a whole that any new-comer friendly with children are grossly misunderstood, the author brilliantly uses subtle racist thoughts against foreigners amongst the old-timers and how a child has no reason to worry about all these inconsequential things and is all about love and fairness.

The story that unfolds through the daily life of Huxley, as his various day-to-day activities are explored, there is also a touch of humor giving the reader glimpses of adult conversation especially those surrounding BREXIT. The subject of bullying is also addressed not just in the schools but also those that affect the old people and Gail Aldwin utilizes Huxley’s thoughts to bring about the compassion and love that he feels for those being “picked on”.

A very heartening and touching story of kindness and humanity, This much Huxley knows deserves all 5 stars ☔☔☔☔☔for its uplifting theme.

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I’m seven years old and I’ve never had a best mate. Trouble is, no one gets my jokes. And Breaks-it isn’t helping. Ha! You get it, don’t you? Brexit means everyone’s falling out and breaking up.

Huxley is growing up in the suburbs of London at a time of community tensions. To make matters worse, a gang of youths is targeting isolated residents. When Leonard, an elderly newcomer chats with Huxley, his parents are suspicious. But Huxley is lonely and thinks Leonard is too. Can they become friends?

Funny and compassionate, this contemporary novel for adults explores issues of belonging, friendship and what it means to trust.

“Read this and feel young again” – Joe Siple, author of THE FIVE WISHES OF MR. MURRAY McBRIDE

‘Moving and ultimately upbeat” – Christopher Wakling, author of WHAT I DID

“A joy of a novel, with a wonderfully exuberant character in Huxley” – Sara Gethin, author of NOT THOMAS

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