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Sometimes amongst all the books that we read, one just falls into our lap with all the right ingredients and makes us so happy that we hunt thru all the book sites which have the same combination of the story. The Visitor was one such story with everything that I devour.

Dual Timelines ✅
Ghosts ✅
Romance ✅
Witch ✅
Mystery ✅
Family dynamics ✅
Historical Fiction ✅

See what I mean, everything is working perfectly in this story that I was in raptures. If at all there was something that I did wish for more, it was probably the romance. The author Sara Saratgne has used the dual timeline knitting together the story of 2 women, Sarah in the year 1619 and Stacie in the present times, both of them strong and loving. There have been instances with dual timelines that the historical part of it captures the reader’s attention vividly but the present times fails to excite but here I will have to point out that the author has written the story so beautifully that Stacie’s life becomes the primary focus with Sarah and her ghostly presence helping Stacie onward.

The subtle love developing between Sarah and John was easily conceivable. The family dynamics showing the discord between Stacie and her sister and the attitude of the parents added a layer of mystery that was unraveling especially with the arrival of Nate, a scholar with a connection to Stacie’s past. Seb’s character and his background never completely felt fleshed out well, so the romance element between him and Stacie was off key at least for me. But the one character that I was in love with was Grandma, who was such a hoot supporting Stacie, believing in her and helping out in research to understand the past that is swirling around them.

Highly recommended!

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Two outsiders connected by love. Four hundred years apart.

2019. Trainee teacher Stacie Hayward is spending the summer with her brilliant, academic family. And with her ghosts. It’s a strange gift that she’s had since childhood – and learned to keep quiet about. When Stacie’s parents invite American professor Nate to stay, Stacie’s ghosts suddenly vanish.Then Stacie is visited by the ghost of a young woman who calls her cousin and who offers to protect her. But protect her from what?

1619. Sarah Bartlett, a young healer, is suspected of witchcraft. The only person to defend her is John Dillington, the new parson. But is he in love – or bewitched? And can he save her from the flames?

Alone and bewildered, Stacie uncovers more of her past and realises that choices made long ago are rippling through time to threaten her. History may be repeating itself – but this time, it’s Stacie who’s in danger.

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