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If there’s one thing that stands out in this historical romance, it is MISCOMMUNICATION, like a quote that I came across in Pinterest,

I know
you think
you understand
what you think I said,
But I’m not sure
You realise
That what you heard
Is not what I really

Alan Greenspan

Lions and Lace was an interesting romantic drama set in New York of the 1800s. It was fascinating to see the high society during those times and honestly, for a time I had forgotten that the era was the background for the love story. The prejudices against the outsiders, the Knickerbockers holding to the rigid rules that they set, the plight of the Irish immigrants’ everything has been beautifully woven thru this story.

It is this background that captures the emotions of the protagonists. It is easy to understand the ‘chip in the shoulder’ that Trevor carries on his shoulders but his constant state of agitation against Alana wore me down a little. It is Alana who has a better understanding of how society is gonna change and is accepting of things while Trevor in his own way becomes the snob master. I loved the push and pull relationship between them and just coz it is a historical romance I knew that things are gonna work out, coz, of course, the moment they open their mouths and say things to each other, it was definitely the wrong thing.

I wasn’t very keen about the length of the novel, it is almost 400+ pages and the story takes its time to get to the expected end, but probably coz of that length, the angsty emotions have been conveyed well. I loved the ease of sibling relationship but wasn’t convinced of the need for the additional love story.

I have read a lot of historical romances but Lions and Lace had a totally different feel to it even with a familiar trope. In all, a pleasing 4 star read. 💦 💦💦💦


The gaslight’s glow lit Alana Van Alen’s golden hair. Born to luxury, she belonged with the Astors and the Vanderbilts at cotillions and soirees. But she shivered with fear and something more as she faced the handsome, ruthless Trevor Sheridan. He had bankrupted her fortune and would expose her family’s scandalous secret unless she accepted his outrageous offer, his emotional blackmail … his heart-stopping kiss.


Born Irish, brought up in the streets, Trevor “the Predator” Sheridan learned early how to get the wealth and the women he wanted. An expert at games of power, he played one that would destroy every famous family who had snubbed him. Tricking the beautiful Alana was his trump card. But he never intended to want her … until her beauty and her resolve stole his breath away.


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    1. Truly, the era was wonderfully captured by the author, maybe one of the few books that got me sucked in for the history rather than romance in this genre.😊

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