I’m Only Wicked With You (The Palace Of Rogues #3) by Julie Ann Long #BookReview #HistoricalRomance #Regency #Romance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alluring and sizzling in most parts I’m Only Wicked With You by Julie Anne Long was chosen purely as a breather after the harrowing The Push by Ashley Audrain. In that respect, the story did serve my purpose but there were portions of the story that felt indefinitely long.

The author’s writing is magic, the first 50% of the book is solely focused on words, quips, and banter between the leads Lillias and Hugh. The story is centered in an inn with a set of quirky characters that does add to the charm of the story but one wonders if the love story could have developed without the proximity they are forced into at the inn. Julie Anne Long does capture the heightened desire between them that burns thru the pages, the looks, smoldering with intensity. Hence, till about halfway thru the book, it is all about the lustful thoughts they have about each other with excitement provided by the secondary characters. It is this part of the story that felt a tad too long and I wished for a faster pace.

Honestly, it was the second half of the book that kept my interest coz it was fascinating to see the subtle war that Hugh wages to open the eyes of the aristocratic Lady Lillas. The romance has some lovely moments but it was the heart tugging bits about Hugh’s life that added the sentimentality. With so much being said about Hudson Valley, I wished for a change in location to that place but had to be content with an epilogue there.

Exciting but not too engrossing 3.5 stars.

USA Today bestselling author Julie Anne Long continues her Palace of Rogues series with a brand-new romance about an ambitious American and a headstrong British heiress.

He’s the battle-hardened son of a bastard, raised in the wilds of New York. She’s the sheltered, blue-blooded darling of the London broadsheets, destined to marry a duke. Their worlds could only collide in a boardinghouse by the London docks…and when they do, the sparks would ignite all of England.

Nothing can stop Hugh Cassidy’s drive to build an American empire…unless it’s his new nemesis, the arrogant, beautiful, too-clever-by-half Lady Lillias Vaughn. The fascination is mutual. The temptation is merciless. And the inevitable indiscretion? Soul-searing—and the ruination of them both. Hugh’s proposal salvages Lillias’ honor but kills their dreams for their futures…until they arrive at a plan that could honorably set them free.

But unraveling their entanglement inadvertently uncovers enthralling truths: about Lillias’ wounded, tender heart and fierce spirit. About Hugh’s stunning gentleness, depth, and courage. Soon, Hugh knows that as surely as he’d fight a thousand battles to win her…the best way to love Lillias means breaking his own heart.

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