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Who Killed My Mom is the debut work by author Anmol Rattan who has crafted an intriguing mystery. The opening chapter describing the death of a woman thru the words of her daughter grabs the reader’s attention and then when he follows it up with an outbreak of a fire at a restaurant, I knew the story was a treat worth the wait.

Dev Rathore is the Holmes in our story brooding and reticent and Watson is played by his cheerful friend Jayant, a novelist who offers his chauffeur services to take notes and thus gain first-hand knowledge of a murder mystery in progress. But of course, this is unlike any Sherlock Holmes mystery that you would read. The suspects are numerous and there are several trails to be followed before the truth can finally see the light of the day.

The author delivers an exciting mystery engaging the reader to the hilt by exploring the dynamics of the Ribeiro family. As Dev delves deeper, we get to see the secrets that are hidden behind the lovey-dovey façade and the many shades of each character that is unveiled. And a la, Poirot style, the murderer when disclosed left me slack-jawed. Where in the world did that twist come from? Even though I had one part of the answer to the mysteries surrounding the various characters in the story proven correct, the ending was simply superb and unexpected.

I would have loved it if the characters had displayed more emotion than was being said, as the grief and shock value of a mother and wife being killed is never fully conveyed. Considering the young age of the author who is just in Class 12, I can see the future paved with many more successful endeavors from his end and I am gladly looking forward to seeing them.

A fantastic whodunnit, Who Killed My Mom by Anmol Rattan is a recommended read for all fans of investigative thrillers.

Many thanks to the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Set in the backdrop of Goa in 1996, this murder mystery is sure to leave you spell-bound.
Monica Ribeiro, the owner of a renowned pharmaceutical company and the mayor of Panaji, is found dead on the terrace of her house under mysterious circumstances. Her daughter, Natasha Ribeiro, hires a famous private detective, Dev Rathore, to solve the case.
Dev and his friend Jayant interrogate every suspect as secrets tumble out of the closet.
Lies stand exposed. Each suspect has something to hide and a motive to kill. The big question is who committed the murder? Will the guilty be brought to book? Will Dev be able to come out of the web of lies? A fast-paced thriller, this book will keep you guessing till the end. 

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