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Rating: 4 out of 5.

It is always wonderful when an author or in this case authors bring forth a new differing angle to the usual trope in a story. Lindy Ryan and Christopher Brooks have brought to the table a kickass heroine as a werewolf along with a unique plotline in paranormal romance.

The blurb says about getting to the truth that has been hidden for 10 years. Well, this is not technically true, as the readers are made aware of the events that did happen 10 years ago and also the culprit involved in the crime from the beginning. The timeline of the past events has nothing NEW to offer except the sequence of it unfolding and understanding the reason for the dreadful guilt that has been plaguing Britta from that night.

The first part of the story was slow-paced, setting up the introduction of the rookie cop and Britta’s past and her trust issues keeping everyone at arm’s length. But once Alec, Britta’s friend is introduced into the mix, the story takes an interesting turn. Here again, the authors managed to surprise me as I was expecting a 3-way customary romance and of course, the shocking twist at the end was brilliant. If in the first part, I wanted the story to pick up the pace, for the climax I wanted a slower momentum. Everything happens in a rushed manner at the end, or it could be me, my crooked mind which longed for a crueler end to the Cruella. Lol!

The characters have been built wonderfully by the authors but the location that was confusing. There’s a lack of clarity as to the existence of the fantasy world along with the humans. Witches and werewolves are supposedly hidden in plain sight but there’s no disbelief or astonishment in the reactions of the police officer and discussions about witchcraft and rituals are accepted as is by all. Hence the muddling feeling whilst reading the book.

There are several instances where the scene becomes thoroughly engrossing but then gets lost in a too detailed narrative. Tighter editing would have made this a solid 5 star for me but for its engaging content Throw Me To The Wolves is definitely a 4 star read.

I wasn’t aware this was a series when I requested the book in Net Galley, but the final scene is open-ended and Alec’s character did give a yet-to-be explored vibe; and from the author’s website, it became clear that Throw Me To The Wolves is Book #1 in Cry Wolf series so I am expecting some fireworks as the series progresses.

Many thanks to Net Galley, Black Spot Books, and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Some evil wants to live forever.
Ten years ago a witch sacrificed Britta Orchid’s family and turned her into a werewolf. Selena Stone’s spell failed, and she was never seen again. Until now.
Officer Aaron Labaye has discovered Selena’s remains in the house where Britta’s family died, and dragged Britta back to Louisiana to aid the investigation, hoping her past will break the case. Britta has a hard time resisting the handsome rookie, especially when he shows her a new drawing by her murdered little brother: Britta in her wolf-form.
As an unseen hand sets events in motion, Britta has to help Labaye dig into the murders old and new. The bloodthirsty ghost of her brother, a jealous member from her pack, and a former friend with a serious prejudice against wolves all stand to stop Britta as she fights to finally get the truth about that night ten years ago. But, as she looks harder than ever into her own dark past, Britta will confront more than just her own demons as she fights for peace for herself and for her family. She can’t hide anymore, but must find her place in a world she’s avoided—and discover what it truly means to be a wolf. 

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