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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Whoa…Hats Off To you Vinod Balan. I can’t help but admire your imaginative mind for conceptualizing this brilliant story.

Hardly 50 pages but efficiently conveying a process that makes no sense whatsoever initially and then explodes with a cracker of twist bringing clarity to the confused thoughts tumbling thru my mind.

Akash as the author introduces in his story is one of us…sacrificing his joy and happiness, forgoing his passion for the sake of his parents, nevertheless trying to not give up in spite of his love breaking up, and faced with a betrayal that rips one’s soul. Alternating with this story that feels like the usual run of the mill is a fantasy realm, a man called Vital 5 running from one place to another, trying to reach a goal that we cannot foresee or understand…THEN, that climax was so unique in concept and had me whooping with delight. Never saw that coming Mr. Balan and that alone makes this a 5 star read for me.


I am not a fan of the cover art of the book, Yes it does make sense once the story is read but I think this story definitely deserves a more impactful cover image.

Akash – Akash is you and me. From making a lot of compromises to satisfy the societal expectations to living the life that his family wants him to, he does it all in hopes that someday it will be his day. Will time and tide be in his favor? Or will he remain as just another speck in this void?

And then there is Vital 5 – Yes, Vital 5 who doesn’t have the faintest idea who or where he is. Stuck in a mysterious world, all he does is follow different voices that lead him through phases of increasingly daunting challenges.

Turn over the pages to unravel how Akash and Vital 5 realize their purpose in life and learn to lead their journey while they are at it. 

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