The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding (Scandalous House of Calydon #1) by Stacy Reid #BookReview #HistoricalRomance #Novella

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A lovely historical romance novella, The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding is book #1 in the Scandalous House of Calydon series by Stacy Reid.

It is a short story, so obviously the forced marriage for convenience to love between the couple does happen fairly quickly. But what was enjoyable was how strong and feisty the heroine Lady Jocelyn was characterized. The initial scene of her walking in with an ultimatum and a pistol aimed at the Duke of Calydon was simply breathtaking.

In fact, this story had immense potential for a whole forced marriage love story but novellas tend to inhibit the detailed storytelling and thus the readers are left with a quick ‘am in love’ theme. Both Sebastian and Jocelyn are endearing characters and I loved how Jocelyn seems to always speak her mind in a forthright manner without any qualms. There’s a sub-plot of Sebastian’s mother which again I thought could have been fleshed out properly but for a novella, Stacy Reid has certainly managed to convey the gist of Sebastian’s never fall in love deal.

Victorian Era England…
 As far as rash decisions go, it was formidable. But Lady Jocelyn Rathbourne’s will remains strong. If the only way to save her family’s estate and reputation is by aiming a small pistol at the Duke of Calydon, then so be it. For Lady Jocelyn demands satisfaction – and she will have it at any cost. Even if it means demanding the hand of the intense and foreboding Duke himself… But she’s made the first move against a very dangerous opponent… For Sebastian Thornton is no stripling to be trifled with. The lady has played her hand. Now it’s his turn. For Sebastian is in need of a wife. And to find a wife with spirit and fire – even if she means to only marry for his money – would be a great prize indeed. And he intends to thoroughly take his pleasure with her… and demands his own satisfaction in return.

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