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UPDATE : #Life #General #Updates

Hey dear friends, apologize wholeheartedly for the unexpected break in blogging.
Well, LIFE happened and reading, reviewing, and blogging had to sit on the sidelines and watch me run helter-skelter managing, micromanaging, and what not to bring everything to track.
In effect, my whole review schedule has gone for a toss, and no pressure, people, just me and my poor heart threatening to jump out of my body seeing my TBR pile.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE : #Life #General #Updates

  1. Hey kiddo, no problem. We all go through this from time to time. Don’t let your blog schedule and reviews run your life – your followers will still be here.

    1. Noelle, U just made my day.🤗🤗🤗
      I hate it when I am unable to deliver as per the committed dates to authors and publishers. Well, can’t help it thou 🤷 trying to reduce the load and playing catch up😊

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