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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Most readers grow up with fairy tales, it is the power of those fantasies that carry us thru childhood and gives us wings to dream. I know. Because there have been many a time when I have imagined myself to be a princess waiting for a prince to take me away and now, as an adult, seeing my daughter playing similar kind of make-believe games, yes it is these fairy tales that make us believe in love and the power of good over evil despite the thorny paths that we have to walk thru to reach there.

The Prince and the Witch take us back to that time, a charming fairy tale story that had me flying thru its pages. YES, a part of the story is of course predictable, the prince is cursed, he is on a quest to save himself and live a little and it is easy to guess the direction that plot can go, but what was enchanting was the author’s excellent capability in bringing twisty and treacherous plot points that gets the reader to pay attention. Edward and Anna are beautiful characters to root for, they are more or less resigned to their lives and their actions speak of the adversities they have faced in their young lives, especially Anna.

The romance is sweet, and the writing flows gently, in fact, the whole story is reminiscent of those lovely fairy tales of our past, and the best part for me at least, it is not a trilogy. I am that impatient sort who finds it difficult to wait for another year to know the ending of a story. The Prince and the Witch though could have easily lured me in with a few 100 pages more, I didn’t want Edward’s adventure with Anna in the woods to end.

Categorized as YA, this is one lovely story that I bet all adults need to read, for fun and a little lightness in your hearts.

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What would you do if you knew that your next birthday might be your last? For Prince Edward, he knew he needed to break his curse to live past the age of 17, and a young witch named Abbey may be his only salvation.

Hexed on his fifth birthday by his magic-wielding grandmother, Edward has been forced to rely upon a special tincture to survive. But, with magic now banned throughout the kingdom of Arthura, the supply of his elixir running short, and his 17th birthday looming, Edward must set off for the Venatys mountains to seek the help of the witches and wizards who shelter there in isolation. Finding danger on the road to seeking a cure, Edward is rescued by Abbey, a sarcastic young witch.

Both are wary of trusting the other, but they must learn to work together to try and lift the prince’s curse. As the pair are pursued by a mysterious figure, with an agenda of their own, can the prince and the witch overcome their internal conflicts to save Edward’s life before time runs out? 

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