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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Gravekeeper Series is really growing in strength, book #3 The Twisted Dead is by far the best of the lot. This is perfectly good as a standalone as the author touches upon the main events of the past 2 books but if you want to understand Keira, her arrival in Blighty, and the warm and true friendship she shares with mason and Zoe then go ahead and download the previous 2 books from Kindle Unlimited.

I have read quite a few of the author’s books and mostly agree that her books are not always scare the living daylights of anyone kind but can be classified as mild horror. In the Gravekeeper series, she has layered the story with multiple plotlines, involving Keira’s amnesia about her past, Mason’s reluctance in revealing his reasons for quitting med school, Keira’s psychic ability in seeing ghosts and the shadowy organization that seems to be hell-bent on killing Keira.

The Twisted Dead opens up all these plot points and enhances them on a larger scale with the readers getting a clear picture about why Keira is being targeted. The reason behind Mason’s med school drama, the ghosts not one but countless number of them in Dane Crispin’s house, the serial killer lurking amongst them, and the witchy cat called Daisy are all touched upon brilliantly by the author.

Keira is an excellent character so sure of her abilities and her inherent goodness in wanting to help the dead makes you root for her, Mason once again remains strong and capable and is the rock that holds Keira steady but if I would choose one character that I want to hold on and cuddle up to, it would be the crazy and quirky and paranoid Zoe. Her cracker one liners in the story are some of the best the author comes up with and I simply loved every scene in the story. The events in Keira’s life seem to be happening one after another without much gap in between but now I want to know about Keira and her past and her witchy powers.

Keira is ready for her life to return to normal. Though, to be fair, normal is a tall ask when your ability to see ghosts has landed you the job of groundskeeper in a small town’s cemetery.

When Keira receives an invitation to dinner at Dane Crispin’s crumbling ancestral estate, she knows she can’t refuse. The last living descendant of the Crispin family is reclusive. Keira only met him once…on the night he tried to kill her.

The mansion is steeped in history that is equal parts complicated and bloody. Keira senses the presence of restless spirits the moment she steps through its door. And Dane, waiting for her inside, wants to ask for her help.

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