Highlights from The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

“I see the juxtaposition, suddenly, of sons and daughters. Sons see the best parts of you, but daughters really see you. They see your flaws and your weaknesses. They see everything they don’t want to be. They see you for exactly who you are . . . and they hate you for it. “ “Who are we after we’re gone? I wonder. It’s a good question to ponder. Most people can’t come up with an answer right away. They frown, consider it for a minute. Maybe even sleep on it. Then the answers start to come. We’re our children, of … Continue reading Highlights from The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

Halton Cray (Shadows of the World #1) by N.B. Roberts

” I made my decision, but it’s a constant battle inside just to accept it. My mind is shouting at my heart to let go. But how can I if I don’t really want to? Am I holding on without accepting that I am? If so, I’m prolonging my own suffering against my conscious will and better judgement. Yet what can I do about it? Why does the mind set up against its own self? How do we lack the control? Am I not after all the operator of this mind as I am the body? Am I just the … Continue reading Halton Cray (Shadows of the World #1) by N.B. Roberts

Snippets from The Fragile Thread Of Hope

What certainty does this life have? It’s merely an insignificant toy having two eyes—one brimming with happiness and the other filled with tears! “If thousands of tears could make a pathway to heaven, then I’d shed trillions to build a stairway, and if memories were a lane, I’d walk all the way just to bring you back…” – Anonymous “Whenever the gift of happiness is bestowed upon you, embrace it and savor it till it lasts, because long and unforeseeable is this life, and fragile is the thread of hope you must cling on to.” Continue reading Snippets from The Fragile Thread Of Hope

An excerpt from Once Upon A River

By Diane Setterfield It was solstice night, the longest night of the years. For weeks the days have been shrinking, first gradually, then precipitously, so that it was now dark by mid-afternoon. As is well known, when the moon hours lengthen, human beings come adrift of their mechanical clocks. They nod at noon, dream in waking hours, open their eye wide to the pitch-black night. It is a time of magic. And as the borders between night and day stretch to their thinnest, so too do the borders between worlds. Dreams and stories merge with lived experience, the dead and … Continue reading An excerpt from Once Upon A River

An Excerpt from The Dead House

Here the world had simplified itself down to rocks, ocean, sky, wind and rain; these because everything else was fleeting and you felt overwhelmed by such a sense of permanence all around, by the realization that what you could see in any one moment and in any direction had always existed and always would. Holy men built monasteries in places like this, trying to capture part of the alchemy that coaxed time into standing still. The immensity of so much wildness, brought on a kind of melancholy, it dwarfed you, made you feel small beneath greater things, but it also … Continue reading An Excerpt from The Dead House