She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge

She Lies in Wait (DCI Jonah Sheens, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She Lies in Wait…to be discovered from the grave. 30 yrs she’s been waiting to finally be unearthed and say her truth to the world. Aurora Jackson, the younger sister to Topaz Jackson along with her friends Brett Parker, Daniel Benham, Coralie Ribbans, Connor Dooley, and Jojo Magos have gone camping and after a night of drugs,booze and sex, the morning finds young Aurora missing.She’s nowhere to be found and the friends hold to each other’s versions tightly so that they do not get pulled up by their parents for the night of debauchery.

30 yrs later another young girl stumbles upon the bone of Aurora and DCI Sheens is put in charge to root out the truth of what exactly transpired in the night? Is it one of them or a stranger passing thru or even the young and charismatic teacher who happened to camp near-by? There are questions to be asked again and the friends all of them successful in their own way are still closely connected and Jonah Sheens and his team has the difficult task of iteration.

This is my first book by Gytha Lodge, what I loved best is that Jonah Sheens and his young female recruit comes with their own baggages and adds to the story. This is no edge of the seat thriller but purely the police working doggedly and persevering to bring justice to Aurora. None of the characters are endearing and this is book 1 in the series so hopefully everything would get spiced up enough in the forthcoming books. Looking forward to reading more.

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