One Little Secret by Cate Holahan

One Little Secret

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A new family moves into the neighborhood and with an attempt to bond with others invites the other 2 couples for a joint vacation at a beach house with the kids away at camp. Everything is glassy and perfect on the surface but scratch it, lies and secrets emerge. There’s an extramarital affair, there’s another imagined affair that causes anguish and pain, there’s physical and emotional abuse between a couple and to top it all there’s a lawsuit against two of them forced on by the third. All the tensions and frustrations of marriage and friendships break open and leaves one dead with all the others as suspects.
This is a very engaging and compelling thriller by Cate Holahan, I loved how each and every character has been flushed out beautifully, the insecurities and vulnerabilities that threaten the self esteem of a person playing havoc in life, and the effects of alcohol drinking with strangers. There’s much being discussed in the book but it can be read smoothly and effortlessly and that was impressive. This is my first book by the author and now am off searching for all the others and I am hoping Gabby Watkins follows in another series.

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