Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger

Ink and Bone

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Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger is book #5 in the Hollows series but go ahead and read it even if you have missed other books in the series. It is good as a stand-alone. The cover picture of the book of the creepy forests and the title are both eye-catching. There’s an aura of darkness in the Hollows, a vortex of negative energy. It is here that Finely Montgomery has returned to be with her grandmother and understand her psychic powers that she’s born with. Eloise came into her powers only after an accident but Finley has always seen the dead but with a disbelieving mother who takes her to one psychiatrist after another, she’s always been rebellious and freaky. When a family vacation of the Gleason’s family takes a very drastic turn with the father and the son shot at and their daughter missing, Merri Gleason contacts Jones Cooper who works with Eloise in a last ditch attempt to find the truth of her missing daughter Abbey. Another case of brother-sister duo missing has also occurred in the same place but the police have not been able to find any clues.

In a small town, closely knit with underground mines and deep forests where even the murmur of leaves has a different meaning, Finley tries hard to understand her powers and help Jones to get to the truth.
Finely’s character is actually quite interesting. I loved the relationship curve of Finley with her grandmother. This book by Lisa Unger is rich, there’s a bit of everything in it with romance, paranormal activities, the mystery, the pain and grief of parents and the trauma of a young girl in the hands of her abductors, which made it one of the best thrillers out there. I doubt if it can be classified into any particular genre. The final twist was happiness and heartbreak combined, I didn’t know what emotion was going thru my mind then.

The atmosphere created in the story gave me goosebumps, the “squeak-clink” making me cringe. A brilliant convoluted thriller with paranormal elements added which is exactly my cup of tea.

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