The Greenway by Jane A. Adams

The Greenway (Mike Croft, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank You Net Galley, Joffe books and Jane Adams for a chance to read and review this book.

The Greenway was first published in 1995 a fact that I found out only when going through Good Reads. Usually when one reads a book published at least a decade earlier, it can be sensed upon but the brilliant thing about Greenway is that it never felt even a bit outdated. The writing is still apt and the mystery was mind boggling. There are twists and turns at every point of the story keeping the reader engaged. There’s an atmospheric and sinister tone to the story that blends well and the characters comes alive in a real sense.

The claustrophobic feel of the small village, the mental illness that Cassie endures after the trauma of her cousin’s disappearance, the grief of the parents of the missing child, each and every aspect f the story was interesting and the supernatural elements leaving the reader to wonder about Cassie’s dreams adds the thrill to this excellent drama. Highly recommended for thriller fans.

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