Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood

Sweet Talk (Buchanan-Renard #10)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If like me, you have been an ardent fan of Julie Garwood, you are gonna be disappointed with Sweet Talk, but new readers are gonna find this just good. I have realized that when one reads an author over the years for a long time and love their particular style of writing, it is hard for us to break away from that intense love and anything falling short would make us sad. There’s no one who can write historical romances like Julie Garwood, honestly I can still re-read all her books, but the contemporary novels are different matter altogether. The initial books were very good with solid mystery and toe-curling romance with blazing chemistry between the leads. But after book #5 and 6 in the Buchanan-Renard series, all her books have been just ‘OK’. Well they are good enough for a reader like me who looks for just that, a simple read with romance added to a easy mystery element interwoven thru it, so from that aspect Sweet Talk is a good book in it’s genre.

My rating is low only in comparison to her other works, as I just mentioned, coz of my high expectation and also coz Julie Garwood writes books whose leads are intensely passionate with good chemistry usually which was really missing here.

Sweet Talk has Olivia as an IRS agent and Grayson who works for FBI.The story flows well with Julie Garwood’s trademark humor and witty banter between the characters that the smile is automatically formed on our face. Just wish that it had more intense scenes.

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