Good Girls Lie by J.T. Ellison

Good Girls Lie

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I have read a couple of books by J T Ellison and her book “Tear Me Apart’ is a story that still resonates in my mind. At times, when there are so many thrillers out there, to write something that lingers is brilliant and Tear Me Apart was one such book for me. Good Girls Lie is clearly a winner, there’s no doubt about it. An all-girls residential school with murder and mayhem, ghosts and secret tunnels , everything that keeps a reader hooked is there in the story.
The Goode School is special, Girls from wealthy and privileged families join this prestigious institution and keep the torch of sisterhood alive but the reality is sometimes dark and malevolent. There are secret societies and ragging and hazing and torture that leaves some traumatized and others on the brink of suicide. The competition is fierce but encouraged by the faculty to be healthy even though the rules are flaunted and broken by most.
The opening chapter itself leaves one speechless but it was the unexpected ending that threw me off. The big mystery reveal I had already guessed but it didn’t spoil the thrill ride for me.

A superb thriller that leaves the reader speechless and wanting more!

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