KHANtastic by Sanjukta Nandy

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Indian movies are unparalleled in the world. Nowhere are you going to witness cinema in such splendor and glory. The grandeur that is Indian cinema have wooed audience across the world with its drama, the themes , jhatka-matkas, the soul stirring music, sometimes with the larger than life unbelievable stories, now and then with reality based slice of life true stories, each movie has always left its mark and nothing captures the imagination of the people like watching the running reel and the films in Hindi language or referred fondly as the Bollywood has been the forerunner in giving colors to millions of fans across the globe. Well of course there is Tollywood, Mollywood, Kollywood quite a lot of “woods” out there but Bollywood has a level of reach that can’t be matched by any.
And it’s in this gargantuan empire of Indian movies, that the Khan triumvirate has managed to reign supreme for more than a decade and it’s no mean feat. Growing up with the movies of these stars, I still remember devouring any and all titbits that has appeared in the media and gobbling up every news no matter if its actual fact or just a media firestorm. Most of the details provided in the book are known to a movie-buff like me, but Sanjukta Nandy’s Khantastic works admirably because of its fluid writing. The author’s work has captured the lives of the 3 Khans-Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan showing their struggles, their fights, their stardom, their maturity over the years after having carved a distinct niche in their own distinctive styles. It’s their journey from naught to the inspirational stars they are now. I loved how the author has included all the major highlights in their long career as magicians on screen and gives the reader the glimpses of their actual persona with an unexpected bonus of candid pictures in the middle pages.
I am not a reader of non-fiction, think I can literally count the number of books in my hands that I have read in this category but when offered a chance by the publisher, I was more than happy to provide a honest feedback because it was a subject that made the fan-girl in me giggly 😊😊😊and dreamy🤩🤩🤩.

Highly recommended to movie aficionados! The book cover is such a delight and this one is definitely a ‘get your own copy’ book.

Many thanks to Rupa Publication for a review copy of KHANTASTIC- The Untold Story of Bollywood’s Trio.

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