Trust Me When I Lie by Benjamin Stevenson

Trust Me When I Lie

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Thank You to #Paromjit in GoodReads whose review of She Lies in the Vines made me seek out this author and after checking the blurb of both books I understand they are the same with different titles. Aussie crime fiction is definitely on a high these days and Trust Me When I Lie is a well written crime thriller with the focus of the story on the ever increasing interest of the real crime podcasts and the effects of such broadcasts in the minds of people.

Jack Quick is the producer with the guilty conscience. Fighting bulimia everyday of his life and living with the effect of seeing his vegetative brother, his choices and decisions are not easy. Having the accused Curtis released from prison and facing the inevitable question of, if it was the right thing to do has destroyed his peace and he sets about finding the truth of the actual events that takes place on the night of the murder.

The small town claustrophobia is conveyed brilliantly but the writing didn’t flow smoothly for me at some places. But this author is someone to watch out for as the slow burning reveal of each and every twist was outstanding.


Eliza Dacey was murdered in cold blood.

Four years later, the world watched it unfold again on screen.

Producer Jack Quick knows how to frame a story. So says Curtis Wade, the subject of Jack’s new true crime docuseries, convicted of a young woman’s murder four years prior. In the eyes of Jack’s viewers, flimsy evidence and police bias influenced the final verdict…even though, off screen, Jack himself has his doubts.

But when the series finale is wildly successful, a retrial sees Curtis walk free. And then another victim turns up dead.

To set things right, Jack goes back to the sleepy vineyard town where it all began, bent on discovering what really happened. Because behind the many stories he tells, the truth is Jack’s last chance. He may have sprung a killer from jail, but he’s also the one that can send him back.

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