A Murder of Magpies by Mark Edwards

A Murder of Magpies (The Magpies, #2)

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Have you read a book so long back but still remember much of everything in that story? When reading so many thrillers that are out there, there are precious few that hit the juggernaut and achieve stupendous success but even then there may be only a handful of them that remains in memory of the reader for a very long time. The Magpies is one such novel for me, the story so horrifying in its simplicity, something that can happen to any one of us, and I’m sure it was the ending that left me feeling hopeless and desolate that it still resonates in my mind. My original review had been lost in GR but I remember that end chapter and that is why I was so thrilled to know about the sequel in works and what a stunner A Murder of Magpies turned out to be!

A Murder of Magpies is a short sequel to The Magpies where we get to meet Jamie, Kirsty and Lucy again. If you have not read the Magpies, please do so before reading the sequels as only then you would understand the depth of hatred that Jamie feels for the dreaded killer called Dark Angel who has her own set of fans believing in her innocence. The short story is packed with tension and pure adrenaline rush as we see a more ruthless and cruel Lucy and her methods of torture against Kirsty.

Well, of course there’s no doubt that Mark Edwards is a terrific writer, the element of terror he brings into stories of everyday happenings are a class apart on it own. I recommend the whole Magpies series to all fans of thriller.

P.S: The book cover definitely causes hair-raising screams😱


The terrifying sequel to the #1 bestseller The Magpies.

Five years ago Jamie Knight lost everything: his home, his wife and their unborn child. But at least the woman responsible, ‘Dark Angel’ Lucy Newton, was in prison, and slowly Jamie was able to rebuild his life.

But now Lucy has been freed on appeal, and before long Jamie receives a message from a desperate stranger. Lucy is up to her old tricks—ruining lives for fun.

Jamie agrees to help. But once again, he has no idea what he is getting himself into…

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