Special Gifts by Anne Stuart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s been a while since I read an Anne Stuart book. Special Gifts was an entertaining read with an alpha hero and a psychic heroine.

Elizabeth Hardy has lived with her powers of sensing and seeing things from a very young age and most times the trances leave her drained and deprived. She helps the local police force as much as she can. Sam Oliver, an Army Intelligence Colonel, on the other hand, has no use for frauds and tricksters which is what he considers Elizabeth to be. But he is forced to change his opinion as there is a killer on the loose and he’s after Sam and Elizabeth. The action moves from Vancouver to Washington and then Venice forcing Sam and Elizabeth to work together to find the killer before he finishes with them.

This was a good thriller in the romantic suspense genre with the psychic abilities of Elizabeth adding to the story. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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A dangerous man . . .

The man who’d broken into Elizabeth Hardy’s Colorado house was no lost ski bum. Her inexplicable and intuitive powers, those unwanted gifts, were always vague, but she knew that much. Sam Oliver was tall, dark, and deadly—a liar and a trickster, and she’d finally found a man she couldn’t ignore.

Off limits . . .

She didn’t look like a fraud and a liar, and after years in Army Intelligence Col. Sam Oliver should know. Instead Elizabeth Hardy was a pale, vulnerable-looking waif, though he didn’t buy her innocent act. He’d always made it a rule to keep his hands off his targets. Some rules were made to be broken.

Unanswered questions . . .

With a young housewife missing and presumed dead, there were no simple answers to any number of questions. Why did the missing woman look exactly like the also-missing daughter of the secretary of state? Why did Elizabeth want to trust him, why did Sam suddenly want to believe in psychics? For God’s sake, why couldn’t they resist each other?

And the biggest question of all: would they survive to find out what was going on between them? Or was all hell about to break loose?

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