The Other People by C.J.Tudor

“People say hate and bitterness will destroy you. They’re wrong. It’s hope. Hope will devour you from the inside like a parasite. It will leave you hanging like bait above a shark. But hope won’t kill you. It’s not that kind.”

C J Tudor exploded into the literary world with a mind-boggling thriller The Chalk Man. It was such a humongous success that I am never ever gonna see a chalk figure and think ‘benign’. It is forever going to hold a sinister effect in my mind. Then The Taking Of Annie Thorne/ The Hiding Place followed and once again the storm hit.

Cut to 2020 and her latest thriller The Other People is in stores and dear readers, believe the hype about this book. Go ahead and read it without checking the blurb or reading reviews or anything. Go blind and be ready to be gob smacked.

Supernatural?? Well, definitely, she’s known to add a bit of unexplained circumstances to the story that can literally drive you nuts and here again, C J Tudor has worked wonders in creating a thriller that tore me to bits with a father’s grief. The service stations, motorways have never felt so disturbing as has been depicted in this book.

Ok I guess it’s obvious that The Other People is her best work so far and I wouldn’t stop gushing about it but words are not enough and for me it goes beyond 5 glowing🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

And if you are one among those who have never read her works, be warned, friends, that you have missed out on the best.

That’s it, no more explanations or details, just READ IT!

A gripping new thriller about a man’s quest for the daughter no one else believes is still alive, from the acclaimed author of The Chalk Man and The Hiding Place.

Driving home one night, stuck behind a rusty old car, Gabe sees a little girl’s face appear in the rear window. She mouths one word: ‘Daddy.’ It’s his five-year-old daughter, Izzy.

He never sees her again.

Three years later, Gabe spends his days and nights travelling up and down the motorway, searching for the car that took his daughter, refusing to give up hope, even though most people believe that Izzy is dead.

Fran and her daughter, Alice, also put in a lot of miles on the motorway. Not searching. But running. Trying to keep one step ahead of the people who want to hurt them. Because Fran knows the truth. She knows what really happened to Gabe’s daughter.

Then, the car that Gabe saw driving away that night is found, in a lake, with a body inside and Gabe is forced to confront events, not just from the night his daughter disappeared, but from far deeper in his past.

His search leads him to a group called The Other People.

If you have lost a loved one, The Other Peoplewant to help. Because they know what loss is like. They know what pain is like. They know what death is like.

There’s just one problem . . . they want other people to know it too. 

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