Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart

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Reading a Mary Stewart book is like going back to cuddling your favorite teddy bear. It was so much fun and exciting to read the story especially being set in the villages of Austria and very famous Lippizan horses. Well, of course the detailing of the place can be a bit too descriptive for some and that kind of slows down the pace of the story but if you have read a few books by the author, one knows to keep it steady and continue reading coz it’s just going to be enthralling.
What I loved about the book most was not the main central character Vanessa March but the very charming and excited teenager Timothy who joins the team of Vanessa and Lewis. There’s the setting of the circus, horses, the “airs above the ground” detailing and of course more horses training, then a rural castle turned hotel with a mountain top train, well, the place just comes alive in the most beautiful way!! The story may not be thrilling enough to set your teeth on edge but the mystery part of the story was intriguing.

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Lovely Vanessa March, two years married and very much in love, did not think it was a strange for her husband to take a business trip to Stockholm. What was strange was the silence that followed. She never thought to look for her missing husband in Vienna — until she saw him in a newsreel shot there at the scene of a deadly fire. Then she caught a glimpse of him in a newsreel shot of a crowd near a mysterious circus fire and knew it was more than strange. It was downright sinister.

Vanessa is propelled to Vienna by the shocking discovery. In her charge is young Timothy Lacy, who also has urgent problems to solve. But her hunt for answers only leads to more sinister questions in a mysterious world of white stallions of Vienna. But what promises to be no more than a delicate personal mission turns out to involve the security forces of three countries, two dead men, a circus and its colourful personnel. And what waits for Vanessa in the shadows is more terrifying than anything she has ever encountered.

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