The Dead Ex by Jane Corry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Dead Ex is an intriguing thriller. I have read Blood Sisters and My Husband’s Wife by this author and both book had me in grips by its twists and turns and mind numbing tension. Purely edge of the seat thriller. The Dead Ex started off brilliantly with the same bite your nails, tension mounting scenario but by the 2nd half the story takes a dip. A kind of flatness with the momentum lost. Just that when it should have been a 5* read, a part of it makes it 4*. I loved Blood Sisters the best and recommend the same for first-time readers of Jane Corry.

The Dead Ex has Vicki and Scarlet as its protagonists and story moves thru their POV’s. Vicki’s epilepsy seizures was painful to read and the strength she shows to overcome her debilitating condition to make something out of her life was exceptional. Likewise, to read about Scarlet and her deepest desire not to be separated from her mom was heart-breaking. The ending was exceptional and totally unexpected.

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One man’s disappearance throws four women’s lives into chaos–who will survive?

Vicki works as an aromatherapist, healing her clients out of her home studio with her special blends of essential oils. She’s just finishing a session when the police arrive on her doorstep–her ex-husband David has gone missing. Vicki insists she last saw him years ago when they divorced, but the police clearly don’t believe her. And her memory’s hardly reliable–what if she did have something to do with it?

Meanwhile, Scarlet and her mother Zelda are down on their luck, and at eight years old, Scarlet’s not old enough to know that the “game” her mother forces her to play is really just a twisted name for dealing drugs. Soon, Zelda is caught, and Scarlet is forced into years of foster care–an experience that will shape the rest of her life . . .

David’s new wife, Tanya, is the one who reported him missing, but what really happened on the night of David’s disappearance? And how can Vicki prove her innocence, when she’s not even sure of it herself? The answer lies in the connection among these four women–and the one person they can’t escape.

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