The Seduction of the Glen by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

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Thank You Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple for the copy of this wonderful book.

The Seduction of the Glen is book # 5 in the Glen Highland romance series but it can surely be read as a stand-alone. If there is any place on earth that I wanna be right now, it is definitely Scotland. Oft late, I have reading quite a few books based in Scotland that I sincerely wish to see the lochs, mountains and the glen and the highlands and the lowlands and be lost in the beauty of the place. It is easy to lose oneself in the historical era when Robert the Bruce defeated the Earl of Pembroke, Aymer de Valence which is the only thing that I am aware of.

The author has worked wonders in using a part of the history and developing a story from there. Charged with keeping the niece of the Earl, Aislynn de Valence safe, John and Marcus Sinclair brothers to the Laird Sinclair have the responsibility to take her to Reay, their home in the Highlands and keep her hidden. The King also expects one of the brothers to woo Aislynn and get her to agree for a wedding which is of course a herculean task as Aislynn cannot help but feel as a prisoner in a golden gilded cage. The brothers wager among themselves but it is John and his intense eyes that captures Aislynn’s attentions. At a time, when being an English woman among the Scots is itself a great crime and when clan enmity and infighting seems to be the norm of the day, Aislynn and John begins finds solace and love and struggles to find acceptance in the clan.

The romance element of the story was brilliant as Aislynn grapples with her conscience in accepting her fate and being left with no choices. But love finds a way for the couple against all odds and that makes the story quite an endearing one. The easy camaraderie between the brothers John and Marcus was lovely. Haleigh as the strong and capable woman leading the clan in the absence of the Laird was a surprising character. I loved how she befriends the English lass and helps her find a place amongst the hostile crowd.

I am quite impressed with the writing by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple and if you love historical romances with Highland heroes and beautiful locales, this is perfect book to be lost in.

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A fierce Highland warrior, loyal to his king. His beautiful English captive. He has vowed her protection, but will he have to risk his own life to do so?

John Sinclair, faithful warrior for Robert the Bruce, makes a fateful wager with his brother: whoever wins Aislynn’s affections will wed her. Only Aislynn de Valence, niece to the English King, is a captive of the Bruce, sent to the Highlands as a prisoner and for her own protection. The last thing she wants is to wed her enemy.

To win the wager and the woman, John woos Aislynn with his whole heart.
But the Highlands are unstable, clan fighting against clan. And no one in the Highlands is ready to welcome an Englishwoman into their midst.

When Aislynn learns that she was nothing more than a prize in a wager, she decides she’s had enough of Scotland and its Highlanders.

Can John convince Aislynn of his true intentions and protect her when she needs him the most? 

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