House of Secrets by Darcy Coates

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Many thanks to Net Galley, Poisoned Pen Press and Darcy Coates for a chance to read and review this book.

House of Secrets is book # 2 in the House of Shadows series, and as always with me and my craziness, have missed reading book #1. Well, honestly, as I read book 2, never felt like I missed much but had a strong desire to know what has transpired in Northwood and their fight against the Grimlock. And the only Grimlock I have heard is from Transformers and thereby pictured it exactly like that in my mind.

Sophie and Joseph have won the war against Grimlock and is recuperating at Sophie’s father’s house when they are summoned by Joseph’s uncle Garrett to Kensington as the nightmare has reared its ugly head again. The much feared and dreaded Grimlock which Sophie had believed to be destroyed after the Northwood burned to the ground is not actually dead but has attached itself to Garrett’s daughter Elise. Arriving at the dead town and seeing the dilapidated and crumbling mansion that is Kensington, Sophie becomes adamant in her decision in helping Joseph and Garrett defeat the monster. And Kensington is the place to be as the late Miss Bishop has devoted her life to the study of this creature and its destruction.

House of Secrets is a fast-paced story with incidents happening one after another with the discovery of ghosts and decayed bodies in the collapsed part of the house and the dead town coming back to life with resurrected ghosts. The ending of the story was action packed thrill with everyone including the young Elise playing a part. The location and the menacing atmosphere add to the chill factor but I would have still loved to have more ominous and sinister occurrences with the Grimlock. The still developing romance between the newly married Sophie and Joseph was beautiful but Joseph’s hot and cold approach was confusing even with the reasons explained.

In all, a quick read that was immensely enjoyed.

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Sophie and Joseph’s escape from Northwood is short-lived. The beast survived, and attached itself to Joseph’s young cousin, Elise.

Garrett writes to beg for their help. Joseph and Sophie travel to meet him at Kensington, a long-abandoned mansion that overlooks a dead town.

The house offers a small hope: its original owner had dedicated her life to researching the monster that possesses Elise. Garrett hopes to find a way to kill the creature without harming his daughter.

But Kensington is a dangerous building. Once the carriage leaves, they’re trapped inside the collapsing walls and forced to confront the horrors within.

Shrouded figures stalk them. Whispers echo through the night. Unmarked graves dot the property.

And the dead are not as restful as they seem… 

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