Night Of The Raven by Jenna Ryan

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Night of the Raven is book # 4 in the Raven’s cove series by Jenna Ryan.

Ahem, don’t ask, 😬I haven’t read any other book from the series, but this has been on my recommendation list for a very long time so thought to give it a try.
Night of the Raven can be read as a stand-alone book, didn’t feel like missing anything even though the legend and curses and the relationships between the Bellams and Blumes was confusing in the beginning.

Amara Bellam(BTW, I love that name 😜) is in trouble when a mafia kingpin targets her for bearing witness to a crime and she escapes to her hometown Raven’s Hollow. Landing up at her nana’s house she discovers a beautiful stranger already in residence, and not just anyone but the new chief of police Ethan McVey. Killers on their tail, ravens following them, chemistry between them heating up, weather playing havoc, raven tamers and host of other characters in this book made for some interesting and quick reading.

The banter between Amara and Ethan was crackling and that was what I absolutely loved in the story. The pacing was super-fast with events happening lightning quick so much that I wanted it to slow down a bit. The mystery element of the story and the jigsaw puzzles all aligning together was exciting even though guessing the culprit was not a difficult task.
But and very big BUT, after finishing the book, I am still not sure if Amara or any of the characters had any witchy powers or not??

Good one in the romantic suspense genre.

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He’d landed in a town steeped in curses and legends…

Ethan McVey was in Raven’s Hollow to fill in for the police chief, not get entangled in the decades-old legend. But one look into Amara Bellam’s striking gray eyes—eyes that had haunted his dreams for fifteen years—and he was helpless to turn his back on the vulnerable beauty. He vowed to keep her safe from the killer targeting her.

Amara couldn’t deny the parallel between the recent murders and her family’s local lore…nor could she ignore her undeniable attraction to her dark and mysterious protector. But as the danger to her life increased, Amara questioned if the killer was truly after her for her past, or was seeking to destroy something much closer to home

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