The Text by Claire Douglas

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Oopsie oops… we have all been there… A whopping mistake, a colossal embarrassment… A message meant for a particular person sent to the wrong one, an extra mail id added to the group mail… the humiliation when all your friends or family comment on it… 🤦 🤦 🤦…

But most of us do tend to overcome the mortifying situation and go on but Claire Douglas’ The Text takes it one step further when your one typo mistake causes the police to land at your door.
Short and thrilling at 40 pages, the author has really packed a punch. I mean, talk about office politics, friendship, jealousy, abusive relationships, extra-marital relations and of course murder too. Usually it is quite hard to encompass so much in a short story but Claire Douglas has had no trouble in that area even though the murderer aspect of it falls a tad short.

In all, a BOOM story!

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A single text changed her life. Did it end his?

Emily Latimer is furious. Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable, as always. She fires off a text to her boyfriend, only in her haste she sends it to her whole office group.

In it she says Andrew’s being difficult about letting her have time off work. That she is angry. That she hopes he dies. The next day her face burns in the office. No one believes her when she says it was a typo, she meant to say does. She hopes he does.

It’s a nightmare. But it gets worse – Andrew doesn’t turn up for work. And then the police come knocking. Because Andrew Burton has been murdered . . .

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