An Inconvenient Duke by Anna Harrington

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Brilliant if I may say so…not just for the delicious romance but for the strong mystery element interwoven in the story. Historical romances are one of my favorite genres, every time I feel down or suffering the blues and obviously the lockdown is not helping matters, I always read this genre for the much-needed cheer and ‘happily ever after’

What made An Inconvenient Duke extra special was the heroine Danielle. She is strong and believes in her work of helping abused women at whatever price or danger she puts herself into. The hero, Marcus Braddock, is war returned and decorated and newly titled as the Duke but instead of feeling happy like all men of arms feels the lack of purpose in life. Searching for the reason of his sister’s death gives him that purpose and also make shim fall head over heels in love with Dani.

I loved the engaging story about the lack of rights that women in those times had to suffer but I really wanted a different ending for the charity that Dani runs. It would have been more exciting for an open abuse center rather than closing it down completely. A perfect start to a series and looking forward to stories of Merritt and Pearce and the final reveal of the organization called ‘Scepter’.

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