Last One to Lie by J.M. Winchester

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Many Thanks to Netgalley, Thomas & Mercer and the author for a chance to read this book.

Take a deep breath, fellow readers, this one is surely gonna hit you like a ton of bricks. Last One to Lie is incredibly well-written, right from scene one where a mother realizes that her daughter is missing from the day care where she is been dropped to, to the introduction of a cop who has a very terrible baggage to carry around, each scene was stark and severe.

Kelsey Jennings is looking forward to a new beginning, a new place closer to your missionary in-laws, new house, even the packing boxes have not been opened completely, but things turn awry soon and nothing is as it seems. The husband is incognito, daughter is missing, the in-laws are out of the country. Is Kelsey a victim or a criminal mastermind or just plain crazy? Detective Paul Ryan is unable to form an opinion about the smart and sexy mom in front of him as the sexy vibes begins to play havoc in his mind and a ‘BASIC INSTINCT’ plotline comes into play. The story alternates between Kelsey and Detective Ryan’s POV and tension begins to mount as the child remains missing even after 24 hrs.

There’s also the detective’s past that adds to the drama and how it all connects to Kelsey and her story.

Last One To Lie is a thriller that creates confusion in the mind towards the end so much that I went back a few pages and re-read parts of it, and it should surely have been a 5* read but for certain plot holes that were too glaring. Kelsey was a ballet dancer but that point seems to have been forgotten at the climax and Detective Ryan for all the jaded and cynical outlook he has in life does a really shoddy police work, which kind of failed to evoke sympathy for the character.

Any more details and I would probably give the whole story way. 😜
Read it purely for the thrilling twists in the story!

A big shout to https://ludwigsbookreviews.wordpress…. whose review made me wanna read this book. Thank You friend❤️❤️

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Moving to a new city was supposed to be a fresh start for her family. Now it’s a nightmare.

Her little girl was supposed to be at day care when Kelsey arrived to pick her up. But they have no record of her daughter ever being there. And to make matters worse, her husband is missing too—he won’t pick up his phone, and the school he supposedly works at says he never accepted their job offer.

Detective Paul Ryan knows something’s up with Kelsey’s story. Kelsey’s husband might be involved in their daughter’s disappearance, but the deeper the detective digs, the more inconsistencies he finds.

As Detective Ryan tries to uncover the truth, what he finds are more deeply buried secrets that someone clearly never wanted found.

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