What You Wish For by Katherine Center

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Many thanks to Net Galley, St. Martin’s Press and the author for the chance to read and review this book.

I have been hearing so much about Katherine Center that I was beyond ecstatic to get an ARC of What You Wish For and thankfully I was not disappointed. Of course, the romance is sugary sweet but I LOVED, just loved the laughter she created in each line of the book. The dialogue delivery had me cracking up so much all the time. Duncan was a joie de vivre kind of guy, happy and goofy and a loving teacher who always made kids and adults around him laugh. But he takes up position as principal of Kempner school a changed man. Samantha, the librarian in the school who has in the past known him and loved him from afar is totally flummoxed seeing the serious and brooding macho man.

Thus, becomes the journey of fighting against rules, taking a stand and joining hands with Babette and Alice for Operation Duncan to connect him to minute moments of life. And at a time when the pandemic has taken so much away from all humankind leaving us in pain and frustration, this simple story makes us root for each small joy that we can fight for.

I loved how the author has used a message of gunfire in schools and the trauma affecting the people involved as a layer of story in this romantic tale. There’s quite a lot of inspiration to be had from this beautiful story about love and sacrifices and the need to never give up. Sam’s epileptic seizures and her struggle to overcome her fears were inspiring. The ultra-cute 10-yr old Clay deserves a special mention. The dramatic scene at the pier had me scratching my head and along with Duncan really wanted to know what the hell was that? 😒

OK, so probably if I was in a school that had so much fun, I would have never come home, you know what I mean? 😀. Galveston Island has never sounded more enchanting, and I am terribly sad that I missed visiting this beautiful place while in Texas.

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Samantha Casey loves everything about her job as an elementary school librarian on the sunny, historic island of Galveston, Texas—the goofy kids, the stately Victorian building, the butterfly garden. But when the school suddenly loses its beloved principal, it turns out his replacement will be none other than Duncan Carpenter—a former, unrequited crush of Sam’s from many years before.

When Duncan shows up as her new boss, though, he’s nothing like the sweet teacher she once swooned over. He’s become stiff, and humorless, and obsessed with school safety. Now, with Duncan determined to destroy everything Sam loves about her school in the name of security—and turn it into nothing short of a prison—Sam has to stand up for everyone she cares about before the school that’s become her home is gone for good.

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    1. It’s my first book by the author and for the smiles she gave me reading this , I will have to find all her other works.😊😊😊

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