The Secret of Langley Manor by Alicia Donovan

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The only thing that I saw when I requested this book was that it is for fans of Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney and then I had no way of stopping myself in requesting The Secrets Of Langley Manor. Of course, then the reader is introduced to the Langley Manor and its owner Michael with a sometimes severe but strict housekeeper Mrs. Baker, and I was lost.

Abigail has come to Langley Manor with a chance of a lifetime, to restore the lightings of the mansion which is in serious need of repair. The Uber driver dropping her off gives warning of people vanishing but with the help of Sean, her foster brother Abby settles in comfortably. But the nights are a different matter, the constant clanking sound is not helping her sleep and meeting the handsome Michael Langley who seems to be hiding secrets, has disturbed her equilibrium. There’s also the mystery of missing Andrews who was last seen in the property.

The story is short and fast paced but the author conveys the gothic feeling of the manor beautifully and the instant romance was convincing. Needless to say, the mystery when solved doesn’t come as a complete shock as the suspect list is only a handful, however it was thoroughly entertaining and an interesting read.

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Abigail Anson is at Langley Manor to do a job—help make the broken-down Langley Manor the beauty it once was.

She isn’t here to make the house staff’s life miserable, no matter what the finicky Mrs. Baker thinks.

She isn’t here to meddle in the shocking murder investigation of a local construction worker, no matter what her foster brother tries to convince her to do.

And she definitely isn’t here to fall for Micheal Langley, the sometimes cranky but awesomely handsome owner of the estate who is doing his best to charm her.

But somehow she is getting dragged into all of it.

If Abigail wants to survive, she needs to stay out of Langley Manor’s mysteries and secrets or there will be more than one worker found at the bottom of the lake.

A short read.

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