Tempting the Scoundrel by Tracy Sumner #regencyromance

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Book #3 in House of Devon series by Tracy Sumner, Tempting the Scoundrel is a delightful short story about love at first sight and second chances.

Christian Bainbridge is all of 15 years old when he spies upon a maid reading under the light of an oil lamp in the house of his cousin. The first glimpse is enough for the rhapsody in his heart, but he leaves to follow his passion with only her name in his possession.

10 years later, Christian is a renowned watchmaker and Raine Mowbray is back in his sights working as a maid in the Duke of Devon’s house. Raine is equally in thrall meeting the charismatic scoundrel knowns for his wenches and watches but she’s practical and knows the differences in their lives.

I never knew a screwdriver can used for such a steamy scene 😆 😆 😆. The author has beautifully provided a sensual romance between such lovely characters but it was not Kit or Raine that had me smiling. Absolutely loved Penny the valet whose interactions with Kit would have anyone in splits. The writing is smooth and flawless and the dialogues in the book is a literary delight.

There’s no villain and no angst added just for the sake of it in the story which made it a very pleasing and gratifying tale. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Highly recommended for fans of this genre!

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Love at first sight.
Steamy second chance.
Regency splendor.

As the most distinguished watchmaker in England, Christian Bainbridge believes in accurate timepieces, not love. He secretly offered his heart years ago, and he’s never gotten it back. When Raine Mowbray stumbles into his life again, Christian realizes the woman he’s worshiped from afar is still the woman he desires above all others.

Raine Mowbray needs solitude and employment, not love. A housemaid forced to flee a loathsome earl’s grasp, the last thing she’s seeking is a man’s attention. When she finds herself unexpectantly paired with a gorgeous watchmaker in need of an assistant, she’s unnerved by his wit, kindness—and clandestine devotion to her.

If you like spirited heroines who fight falling in love and charmingly arrogant heroes who think they know best, then this is the book for you! Snuggle up with Tempting the Scoundrel, a steamy second chance, love-at-first-sight Regency Romance!

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