The Legend of Lady MacLaoch by Becky Banks

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Becky Banks, if these are the kind of stories that you have been writing, then I am gonna buy every one of your work and keep it on my shelf.

I am at a loss of words to describe this delightful romance based in Scotland. As it is, anything to do with Scotland and I’m a goner. There’s something so magical about the place that always fascinates me.

The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is as the title suggests about a centuries old curse that holds sway over the MacLaoch family and according to this fairy tale or curse as one sees it, the clan chief is forever doomed to a life of gloom. When Nicole Ransome Baker born and brought up in South Carolina finds out that her ancestral roots trace back to Scotland, she makes a trip to Glentree to further her research. This sets into motion events that have been centuries in the making.

The current chieftain of MacLaoch, Rowan has endured baptism by fire and lived to tell the tale and his interactions with Cole were extremely convincing. The romance that develops between them was slow and paced luxuriously. As a reader, there’s probably nothing new in the story, a hero, a heroine, a curse, and a trio of villains’ intent on their personal gains but the author has successfully made the book utterly compelling that I just couldn’t put it down. It is so refreshing to read about a heroine who is spectacular in her ninja mode and has no qualms in using everything in her arsenal to fight ugly. I simply loved Nicole and Rowan’s characterization.

A fabulously well-written story of love with a touch of paranormal elements, The Legend of Lady MacLoach is perfect for the fans of historical romance fiction.

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A legendary love, an unforgiving curse, and the discovery of a lifetime . . .

Centuries ago a vengeful curse buried itself deep into the history of the MacLaoch clan and become a legendary tale told by all those not cursed by its words.

In present-day Scotland, the laird and chieftain of the MacLaoch clan is an ex-Royal Air Force fighter pilot who has been past the gates of hell and returned a changed man. Rowan MacLaoch does battle with wartime memories and a family curse that threaten to consume him—unaware that his life and that of the history of the clan will be changed forever by the arrival of an American woman.

Cole Baker, a feisty recent graduate of a master’s program, stumbles upon the ancient curse while researching her bloodlines. Moved by the history of the MacLaoch clan and the mystery of its chief, she digs into the legend that had been anything but quiet for centuries.

On their quest for answers, Cole and Rowan travel to places they have never before been and become witnesses to things they have never before fathomed. The legend—one started with blood—will end with more shed as its creator finally exacts her justice. 

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  1. I like historical romances. I’m not sure if this can be classified as one but seems interesting anyway. I look forward to reading more great reviews.

    1. Thank u Karen. Strictly speaking, this is not really a historical romance. There’s the historical details of the curse that is described with a touch of paranormal. But the romance was beautiful😊

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