The Maiden of the Storm by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple #HistoricalRomances

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The most wonderful fact about this book is it chronicles a time which I have never read about. 209 AD, when the Romans and the Caledonii tribe have a precarious truce between them. When Horatio, a Roman soldier, has one drink too many and takes up a dare, little does he know that fate has conspired for something larger than he could ever imagine. Caught and bound to work as a slave in the Caledonii, his only wish is to escape but what price is to be paid for his freedom?

Riana, the chieftain’s daughter brought up as a son by her father cannot by any means abide by the slavery she encounters but the Roman instils a fascination in her that grow by leaps and bounds and questions her loyalty to her clan.

The parts of the story that shows the ways of the people in those times was excellent and I admire the author for creating a romantic story interweaving the threads of slavery into it. Each supporting character like Niall and even Bevan towards the end was portrayed nicely. I was thinking of the myriad ways that this story would reach its climax and then the author totally nipped all the ideas in the bud and completely surprised me.

The romance that develops as part fascination to each other and then attraction was captivating and the emotions and turmoil were captured incredibly.

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♥ She’s a powerful Celtic woman. He’s a Roman captive in her village. When their passion for each other grows, can they find a way to be together? Or will the conflicts between the Celts and Romans drive them apart? ♥

In the Caledonii village, Riana is the chieftain’s oldest daughter and accustomed to position and authority. Until the day a Roman soldier is brought in and made a slave.

Despite her moral objections, she is directed by her father to tend to the Roman, to bring him back to health and make sure he’s fed.

At first, he’s nothing more than a curiosity for her, but as they spend time together during her duties to him, they forge a camaraderie that quickly becomes something more.

Something passionate and forbidden.

Horatio is a confident Roman soldier brought low after a night of missteps. Bound to slavery for the Caledonii tribe, he spends every waking moment biding his time and planning his escape. What he doesn’t plan is the desire he feels for the very woman directed to keep him in chains.

His desire grows, as does his love for the red northern woman.

As their passions rise, Riana decides that she cannot see the man she loves enslaved. They concoct an escape that is successful at first but leads to disastrous results when the tables are turned.

Just when they think all is lost, their love for each other gives them one chance for survival. Will their love overcome the obstacles that would tear them apart?

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