Lord of Danger by Anne Stuart

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Anne Stuart’s Lord Of Danger was nothing what I expected. Having read quite a few books of hers, I have always known that her heroes or typically anti-heroes are more dangerous than the villains in the story. The hero Simon Of Navarre is a menacing character known for his dark magical powers which he utilizes to the maximum in keeping people at arm’s length. When he is offered the choice of a bride by Richard the Fair, who’s related to the Prince, Simon has no reservations in choosing between the 2 half-sisters.
Alys plays the perfect foil to the brooding Simon, she’s no beauty compared to her much fairer sister Claire, but her intelligence and innocence intrigues Simon and soon he’s enchanted. But death and games are in store for Simon and Alys as Richard begins a dangerous maneuver to take over the throne and Simon, learned in the ways of alchemy and herbology is his trump card.

The story is as usual captivating. I loved the spicy romance between Alys and Simon, interspersed with self-deprecating humor, the banter between them was simply outstanding. Honestly the secondary romance between Claire and Thomas, a loyal knight was boring as Claire’s character was too spoilt and conceited to feel any warmth, but to read 2 romances for the price of 1 was fun and entertaining.

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Lady Alys de Lancie has been summoned by her halfbrother Richard the Fair, to be given as a bride to his most trusted servant, the dread wizard Simon of Navarre. A man many call ‘monster’ owing to his infamous and unearthly skills, yet a man she is strangely attracted to…

His future wife may fear that his very touch could damn her forever, but, for Simon, Lady Alys is temptation personified… He is determined not to allow her close, but his fear of being known could destroy them both.

For, as Richard the Fair’s treacherous scheme to become England’s king makes pawns of Simon and Alys, only one power can save them. A force stronger than an army: true love.

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