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Where do I begin with this book? 120 pages of goosebump raising, anxiety inducing, dread filled thriller that makes one sit down and think, empathize and commiserate about the effects of mental illness, war crimes and brain-washing.

The opening chapter with almost an emotionless robotic cruelty was utterly gripping and then Phil Mercer and VINCENT walks into the picture enumerating the grievances that have been doled out to him by his so-called friends. The parlor game was just that, a revenge against all the wrongs but Phil is himself astounded by the discoveries he makes in the course of the events that follow. 

The chapters are short and snappy but the author keeps the reader glued to its pages dishing out twisty surprises piecemeal by piecemeal and it is quite an amazing feat to convey such a thought-provoking subject in the length of a novella.

Comfort Zone is definitely not a comfort read especially with the chapters that transpires in Afghanistan/Pakistan that makes a reader feel the whole gamut of emotions. The book highlights PTSD with dissociative amnesia without too many frills and that in itself is quite admirable.

I would like to thank Shalini who recommended this brilliant book. Check her review here:

There’s a killer in all of us. Sometimes you just don’t know it.

What drives people to kill?

Take Phil Mercer, for example, what dark secret from his past changes a decent man, and respected professional into a killer?

Down to earth Northerner, Phil Mercer, begins to question why so-called university friends failed to help him establish a practice at London’s Criminal Bar.

Despite that and colleagues’ professional jealousy, he goes on to achieve success as a fearless defender of society’s less fortunate until his career is threatened by events triggered by something completely out of his control.

Figuring his life and career are about to change forever, Mercer strives to find a way to right wrongs by inventing a new parlour game called ‘Comfort Zone.’

At a dinner party surrounded by colleagues he insists they all play the game. He introduces it after dinner as a ‘storytelling game.’ He adds – “the easy choice is not an option at all. What terrifies you? What scares you shitless? Be brave. Be reckless. You are among friends. What can possibly go wrong? It’s just a parlour game, right?”

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