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Kyra Radcliff’s Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair is a contemporary romance between an employee and her billionaire boss. The office scenario is not anything new, Susan is hired as a new employee in Middleton Group but what makes it totally different is the profile of the job. ‘Coz Susan is not an ex-employee of Dunlap Industries as Miles Middleton believes but is still working for Charles to sabotage his love affair between Miles and Alicia Dunlap.

As lines begin to blur and guilt consumes Susan, she realizes that Miles is nothing like the man characterized by the tabloids and she’s in fact falling for her boss like every other female out there.

Susan’s character was outstanding, her innate integrity shining thru in spite of the manipulative tactics that she is forced to enforce to achieve the results of her job. Miles Middleton is the utmost caring and loving hero that any female would gobble up, the scene where he cooks for Susan caring for her making my heart melt. The story starts brilliantly, the undercover operation giving it a crafty difference to the usual run of the mill romances but by the end, everything feels cliched. For a very smart and intelligent woman, Susan willfully blinds herself with what is right in front of her eyes. The angst therefore looks forced with certain unbelievable events.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of quick steamy romance in between some heavy reading, that leaves the reader with a smile, this book is definitely the perfect choice. The writing is easy and effortless and for that alone, I would definitely read all the books by this author.

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Susan Johansen is efficient, ambitious and cool-headed in a crisis, which is exactly why her boss, Charles Dunlap, needs her. As the successful owner of one of the richest old money industrialist conglomerates in the world, he is under pressure of a different kind when his daughter Alicia becomes involved with internet entrepreneur Miles Middleton.

With an ego as big as his bank balance, Miles has a reputation for a string of affairs and Charles doesn’t want his daughter anywhere near him. And so he enlists Susan, as a Trojan Horse, burying her deep within Miles’ business interests in the hope that she can sabotage his relationship with Alicia.

It isn’t long before the plan seems to be working and Miles is missing lunches, dinners and other dates with Alicia in favour of making money and sealing deals. But it’s when he takes Susan away on a business trip and tries to seduce her that she sees him for what he really is. But now that she is close to her goal, Susan suddenly has a crisis of confidence? Is she really still working for Charles or is she now pursuing her own agenda with Miles?

As he continues to get under her skin with his continuous attempts at seduction, Susan finds that she is more conflicted than ever. And the closer she gets to completing the assignment, the greater the chances are that Miles will discover her secret.

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