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Dead On The Delta is book #5 in the Alexa Williams series but is perfectly good to be read as a stand-alone. How can I say? Well of course I am reading book # 5 to begin with in the series and didn’t miss out on much except a few references here and there about some past incidents.

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”
Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake

To say that I am beyond thrilled after reading the adventures of Alexa in Botswana would be an understatement. Books are magical simply coz of the journey they allow us to make without moving in an inch. Imagine going on a 3-4 hours safari without stepping a foot out of your house. Sherry Knowlton has captured the wilds of Botswana flawlessly so much that when Alexa and Reese along with their friend Mo watch the pride of Lions, I could see an image so vivid and bright that it was dazzling.

Alexa is on leave from her daily job as a lawyer and is helping out her boyfriend Reese in his project in Africa wild research. The crux of the story matter begins in the first few chapters, that of the massacre of elephants for their tusks. As Alexa, Reese and Mo discover to their horror, the scavengers are waiting for their meal and the scene is beyond gruesome and cruel. The greatest advantage of the writing is in creating the pitch perfect setting of the book as along with Alexa, one takes bumpy rides and feel the warmth of the sun. It is, however, not just the poaching and the endangering of the species that the readers are made aware of but there’s in depth discussion about the politics governing the Wildlife Conservation in Botswana.

The middle segment of the story with Alexa’s meeting and her voluntary activities were exhaustive in description and too tedious for my understanding. Alexa finds herself in a number of dangerous and life-threatening situations but her cool demeanor helps her carry forward. The mystery element of the book was not surprising as it is fairly easy to guess the poachers but the hostage situation at the end clearly elevated the ending to a thrilling one. The relationships with a sweet romance between Reese and Alexa and the attraction that Harry feels for Alexa was beautiful.

In all, Dead On The Delta is an exciting safari ride educating the readers about the wildlife and the danger to the animals. Looking forward to catch up with all the books in the series.

Alexa Williams is about to spend four months conducting lion research in the African bush with her boyfriend Reese. She looks forward to witnessing the elemental life and death struggle of the wild, but she never imagines she’ll become one of the hunted on the remote Okavango Delta.

Botswana protects its wildlife with strict policies and an entire army deployed to combat poaching. So Alexa and Reese are shocked when poachers wipe out an entire herd of elephants. At the site of the mass slaughter near their lion project, they promise authorities that they’ll watch for suspicious activity as they travel the Delta.

When the country’s strict wildlife conservation policies come under debate in the capital, tensions flare and Alexa begins to suspect the ongoing poaching incidents may be about even more than the illicit ivory trade. Especially when a close friend dies when caught in the crossfire.

After an alarming series of near escapes, gunmen attack the safari camp where she and Reese are staying, and Alexa must brave wild animals and the dangerous labyrinth of Delta channels in a desperate attempt to save the hostages, including the man she loves. 

This post contains affiliate links for products and services I recommend. If you make a purchase through those links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.


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  1. seeing mystery books that are reviewed as a 5/5 always gets me excited and curious about the story within the book, because mystery books happen to be my second favorite of them all (fiction comes first, obviously)

    1. Yeah, it is quite exciting to read mysteries. This one though was more like an action thriller coz the suspense was not too hard to guess at.
      Happy reading!❤️

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