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Whoopiee….🎉🎉🎉 One of the most anticipated releases of 2021 the BURNING GIRLS by none other than the author hailed as the resident scream queen, C J Tudor has just been published.

The review of Burning Girls will be posted in a couple of days as I am still playing catch up with my overloaded ARC pile, but this review is for all those readers out there who wanna give horror a try; but have no patience for the novel in its entirety or for a few others who have never tasted the spine-chilling thrillers by C J Tudor.

The Man in the Box is a short story that is utterly terrifying and nightmarish. A spooky thriller that has a Twilight Zone vibe and carries all the trademarks of a classic Tudor novel.

If you’re already a fan, I don’t have to tell u anything!

But if you are a first-time reader and want to experience goosebumps raising chills, go ahead and read it from the below given link:…

A short story by C J Tudor, originally released online at Dead Good:

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with an exclusive short story from our resident scream queen C J Tudor, bestselling author of The Chalk Man and The Taking of Annie Thorne?

If you’re hungry for horror, and can’t wait for The Other People to hit shelves in January, ‘The Man in The Box’ will satisfy your taste for terror, and send chills down your spine!

Read on, if you dare…

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