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Ha, what an exciting find!

Laura Spinella’s Ghost Gifts is one of those surprising discovery that checked all the right boxes for me.

* Ghosts ✅
* Romance ✅
* Mystery ✅
* Cold case ✅

Sell me a book with a ghost, I will happily gobble it up within a day unconcerned about all the works that is waiting for me… Ghost Gifts has a lovely protagonist who has made peace with her extraordinary gift of being able to communicate with the dead, and found a job that serves her purpose. Aubrey Ellis does not to chase big headlines. She’s fine with her home realty beat covering houses that are on the market for the Surrey City Press. So, when the chief editor offers her a chance to work alongside investigative reporter Levi St. John, to delve into the truth of a skeleton discovered in a basement after 20 years, no one can understand her reluctance. When all the other reporters are scampering for getting the main lead, Aubrey wants nothing to do with the dead girl Missy who has been missing for years together.

The intriguing plot has a fascinating mix of suspense thru the voices of Missy ‘s adventures from 20 yrs. ago. The story gets the additional impetus of the past baggage of Levi that needs to be resolved and Aubrey’s gifts to be explored and believed by him. The romance between Aubrey and Levi develops slowly, there’s no insta-love or insta-connection between the two, in fact, there’s the gradual growth of 2 colleagues working together for the truth, then to friends, to finally understand the connection between them. The resolving of personal issues in both their lives goes on till about three-fourths of the book, so until the end there’s only ‘romance in the air’.

The relationship between Aubrey and her grandmother Charley has been explored lovingly. For a ghost story, the paranormal elements aren’t scary but the final chapter had me with heart in my mouth rushing towards the epilogue.

Thrilling and exciting, highly recommended for fans who love ghosts and mystery!

All Aubrey Ellis wants is a normal life, one that doesn’t include desperate pleas from the dead. Her remarkable gift may help others rest in peace, but it also made for an unsettling childhood and destroyed her marriage. Finally content as the real estate writer for a local newspaper, Aubrey keeps her extraordinary ability hidden—until she is unexpectedly assigned the story of a decades-old murder.

Rocked by the discovery of a young woman’s skeletal remains, the New England town of Surrey wants answers. Hard-nosed investigative reporter Levi St John is determined to get them. Aubrey has no choice but to get involved, even at the terrifying risk of stirring spirits connected to a dead woman’s demise and piquing her new reporting partner’s suspicions.

As Aubrey and Levi delve further into the mystery, secrets are revealed and passion ignites. It seems that Aubrey’s ghost gifts are poised to deliver everything but a normal life.


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