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A contemporary romance, Love and Hate is also a story that reinforces the old adage about “thinking before acting”. A moment is all it takes for a decision to be made and it requires only a moment for that decision to leave a lasting effect.

Alia is grieving a lost love and is in Delhi, trying to find her own feet away from her parents who have no problem in giving all kinds of leeway for the boy in the family but has trouble thinking in the same lines for their daughter. Finding the love of her life was more about emphasizing the independence and the words of caution by her brother and her parents left no impact.

Alia and Vikrant are characterized so well, the depiction so real that I could imagine opening the door of my apartment and seeing 2 people exactly like that. As the story develops and Rahul is introduced, the readers along with Vikrant wonder about the truth of everything. Nothing is as it seems as the mystery linking the three of them unfolds. Equal parts romance and equal parts mystery, the author has beautifully interwoven the suspense within the plot.

Love and hate is a short story but it is definitely well-packaged. There were parts that I felt could use some editing works else the story flows smoothly.

Alia’s life is changed unexpectedly because of the choice she made. She moves away from home to rebuild her life again where she meets her tall and handsome neighbor Vikrant, skeptical at first about his intentions she starts to care for him.

Her happiness is short lived as her past soon catches up to her. How is she going to bring her life on track again? Can she trust Vikrant? Will love conquer hate or is that an impossible task?

Vikrant is a man with a purpose. He needs answers and will not rest till he gets them. He moves in a studio apartment where he meets Alia, who seems to be sweet and helpful. Will he listen to his heart or finish what he came to do?


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