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OH MY GOD!!! What in the world did I just read?

I mean, c’mon guys I knew I was gonna get a gripping thriller;
I knew I was in for a roller coaster ride;
I knew that once I begin this story the outside world can go for a toss but I am not gonna lift my head,
and then there was me biting my nails worrying if my over-expectations are gonna spoil the reading fun for me.
But what I didn’t expect is it to be so spectacular, so utterly riveting that UNPUTDOWNABLE can be equated with THE BURNING GIRLS!

It is so unbelievable that all of a sudden there’s this phenomenal writer called C J Tudor whose mastery with words creates these out of the world stories that I can’t help but wonder as to where in the world was this writer all this while? It is, I think, not even 5 years that C J Tudor arrived into the world of fiction, and what a dramatic entry it turned out to be with The Chalk Man that was inspired by a box of colored chalks that was given to her daughter as a gift.

The Burning Girls has mystery and not just one mystery but 3 or maybe 4 storylines running in parallel and ending with an epilogue that had me staring goggle-eyed at my kindle. There’s the mystery of the 500-year-old Sussex martyrs with the tradition of the burning twig dolls, then there’s the mystery of the missing girls 30 years ago, the mystery of the vicar who everyone believes committed suicide 2 months ago but doubt remains if it really was suicide and then there’s a voice, a voice that talks about irreparable damage done, who talks about seeking forgiveness and controlling anger and all that which feels like the ramblings of a mad man.

Chapel Croft is not a sleepy village as expected by Reverend Jack brooks and Flo when they arrived from Nottingham, the churning and sinister currents flowing underneath hide a miasma of evil that is waiting to reach its zenith. As Flo sees visions of the ghostly girls, Jack has to fight against not just prejudices but closed mindsets, ancient beliefs, and traditions.

The author has always been exceptional in creating an atmosphere of gloom and eerie chills with places and here, it’s no different. Every single description is so vivid and images so crystal clear that I could hear the creaking doors of the church. What I do admire about her writing is just not that atmospheric feel but the smooth writing encompasses a lot of humor, Jack’s inner thoughts are crackers, and the communication that flows between Flo and Jack outstanding.

I don’t think I have to say anything more, just can’t wait for the next by C J Tudor. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

‘Hypnotic and horrifyingv . . . Without doubt her best yet, The Burning Girls left me sleeping with the lights on’ CHRIS WHITAKER, bestselling author of Waterstones Thriller of the Month We Behin at the End

‘A gothic, spine-tingling roller-coaster of a story . . . CJ Tudor is a master of horror’ C.J. COOKE, author of The Nesting

500 years ago: eight martyrs were burnt to death
30 years ago: two teenagers vanished without trace
Two months ago: the vicar committed suicide

Welcome to Chapel Croft.

For Rev Jack Brooks and teenage daughter Flo it’s supposed to be a fresh start. New job, new home. But, as Jack knows, the past isn’t easily forgotten.

And in a close-knit community where the residents seem as proud as they are haunted by Chapel Croft’s history, Jack must tread carefully. Ancient superstitions as well as a mistrust of outsiders will be hard to overcome.

Yet right away Jack has more frightening concerns.

Why is Flo plagued by visions of burning girls?
Who’s sending them sinister, threatening messages?
And why did no one mention that the last vicar killed himself?

Chapel Croft’s secrets lie deep and dark as the tomb. Jack wouldn’t touch them if not for Flo – anything to protect Flo.

But the past is catching up with Chapel Croft – and with Jack. For old ghosts with scores to settle will never rest . . . 



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