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An utterly riveting, chilling, and spine-tingling tale of an entire village that has been lost!

Welcome to Silvertjarn, the ghost village

Camilla Sten’s The Lost Village is one of those stories that gives new meaning to the word ‘creepy’. The fact that the book trailer gave me a perfect and clear picture to imagine the abandoned mining village and the surroundings literally frightened me out of my wits more than any horror story in the recent past.

The houses are still open, the cups are left in the sink to be washed, how can 900 people vanish without a trace leaving behind a woman tied to a pole, stoned to death, and a wailing newborn? The opening chapter is itself goose-bump worthy and from then on, it’s one hell of a ride for Alice and her meager crew. Tone, Emmy, Robert, and Max have joined Alice in her life-long dream to make a documentary film on this village where Alice’s grandmother lost her entire family. The story alternates between THEN, thru Elsa, Alice’s great-grandmother, and the NOW thru Alice.

The documentary film was supposed to be Alice’s one final effort to get a foothold on her so-far miserable life. Alice, Emmy, and Tone, each one of them has a past to contend with, but Silvertjarn has more than few surprises in store. From the moment, Tone and Alice visit the school, things take a downhill and the shadow of a ghost never seems to be far.

Elsa and the people in the village have to contend with a new pastor in their midst and as the mine closes down leaving the men wandering about, the future definitely looks bleak. The characters have been drawn out well showing the gradual weaving of the spider-web entangling all and sundry in the village. Birgitta and her difference create murmurs, of course, it is the 1950’s, people are less tolerant of anything different from the normal.

The Lost Village is sure to leave you with nightmares, each chapter is an episode in fear factor. The author has created an eerie and spooky atmosphere which unknowingly adds to the feeling of menace lurking just around the corner. The suspense keeps building to a fever pitch in both the timelines culminating in a shocking twist that left me gasping for breath!

A must-read for fans of thrillers, the Lost Village is gonna be in my year’s favorites just for the terrifying chills it gave me.

Still not convinced to pick this one, check the book trailer here:…

The Blair Witch Project meets Midsommar in this brilliantly disturbing thriller from Camilla Sten, an electrifying new voice in suspense.

Documentary filmmaker Alice Lindstedt has been obsessed with the vanishing residents of the old mining town, dubbed “The Lost Village,” since she was a little girl. In 1959, her grandmother’s entire family disappeared in this mysterious tragedy, and ever since, the unanswered questions surrounding the only two people who were left—a woman stoned to death in the town center and an abandoned newborn—have plagued her. She’s gathered a small crew of friends in the remote village to make a film about what really happened.

But there will be no turning back.

Not long after they’ve set up camp, mysterious things begin to happen. Equipment is destroyed. People go missing. As doubt breeds fear and their very minds begin to crack, one thing becomes startlingly clear to Alice:

They are not alone.

They’re looking for the truth…
But what if it finds them first?



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