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Daria Vernon’s debut novel The Highwayman’s Folly is surprisingly different in the historical romance genre. For starters, there’s no nobility in the story and then the fact that Beth, the protagonist of the story is 30 and knows her mind and has no qualms in demanding her freedom or independence. After having been dubiously awarded the honor of being kidnapped twice in one single night, Beth is resourceful and inventive looking for ways to escape her confinement.

Rhys Booker has a heart of gold and being a highwayman is a necessity rather than a choice and Beth soon begins to sense the underlying integrity he possesses and the care he offers. Rhys and Beth are both interesting characters and all the supporting characters have also been drawn out well. The adventures in the woods with the wolves and the fight for survival were exciting and the entire “I am no damsel in distress” part was brilliant. It was a refreshing take on the usual track of falling in love.

I absolutely loved it that Beth is happier with her spinster status and wants to travel the world and live her life on her own terms. 3 years down the lane she has every reason to do just what she wants in life and with a silently supportive father, everything seems attainable.

The Highwayman’s Folly is thoroughly enjoyable and engaging!

Deep in the forest, in a decaying hunting lodge, a curious bond flickers into existence…


BETH CLARKE has earned perhaps the most dubious distinction in England—that of being kidnapped twice in one night. Thirty years old and burdened with new responsibilities, her life is a far cry from the rebellion of her youth. Worse, a greedy land agent has designs on her new fortune. When his attempt to abduct her is waylaid by a band of highwaymen, the thieves’ mysterious “Captain” offers Beth a strange salvation—perhaps not only from a cold night, but from a cold past, as well…


RHYS BOOKER was born to a different name, one that he no longer deserves. Cruel turns of fate have brought him here, to a life outside the law—a life that felt like the only possibility before she came into it. With a robbery gone sideways, he can’t simply leave this woman to freeze on the highroads, but with a crew of hungry men depending on him, he can’t let her go either…

Far from the dangers of the forest and reunited under the gaze of those who rejected them, can their passion ever survive?



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