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Chetan Bhagat and the mystery of his bestsellers! I should probably do a post on only that😊

There’s a reason why this author’s books have always held the No.1 position in the list of bestsellers in India. There could be 1000’s reasons that can be studied to the minutest details, some love his writing, majority disses him but the simple truth is that he succeeds in getting readers to read his work no matter what and if that is not the mark of a successful author, I have no idea what is!

I have a love-hate relationship with this author, some books I have loved immensely, some have disappointed me beyond words.

Now, where does One Arranged Murder stand?

What worked wonderfully:

  • The friendship between Keshav and Saurabh, Chetan Bhagat has always been exceptional in creating these excellent relationships between friends that is quite enviable. Keshav and Saurabh as a team are a hoot.
  • The sarcastic dry humor sometimes self-deprecating, that was hilarious.
  • The mouth-watering delicacies that are mentioned in the book, no seriously, there’s quite a lot of food being discussed in the story that half the time I waiting to see what food will pop up now whilst reading
  • The dysfunctional family dynamics adds a dark mystery to the story.

What failed miserably:

  • The MYSTERY of the murder, fans of thrillers are gonna catch the whiff of the killer from a mile away, it is probably the WHY that would be a bit surprising.
  • The character of the villain is more promising and exciting than the main two protagonists which was sad.

As my friend told me, it is Chetan Bhagat, don’t expect a mind-numbing thriller. It is just Bollywood FUN!

3.5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ for entertainment.

Keshav has set up an investigation agency with his best friend, Saurabh. Can the two amateur detectives successfully solve another murder case that affects them personally? And where will it leave their friendship?

‘Ever since you found Prerna, I lost my best friend’ is what I told Saurabh. Hi, this is Keshav, and Saurabh, my best friend, flatmate, colleague and business partner, won’t talk to me. Because I made fun of him and his fiancée. Saurabh and Prerna will be getting married soon. It is an arranged marriage. However, there is more cheesy romance between them than any love-marriage couple. On Karva Chauth, she fasted for him. She didn’t eat all day. In the evening, she called him and waited on the terrace for the moon and for Saurabh to break her fast. Excited, Saurabh ran up the steps of her three-storey house. But when he reached…

Welcome to One Arranged Murder, an unputdownable thriller from India’s highest-selling author. A story about love, friendship, family and crime, it will keep you entertained and hooked right till the end. 



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