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Dear Beth Fuller, I hope you are writing again and that there are more books like The Heir of Drymote just about to be released, believe me, when I say this, your work was simply enthralling. I know I’m probably not a very strict reviewer, any story that keeps me entertained is gonna be definitely 3 stars from my end, which means I liked it but recently I have had some 5 star reads most of which I have thoroughly enjoyed which more or less translates to the fact that I lost myself in the story for the duration of it. The Heir of Drymote is surely 5 stars category.

The Heir of Drymote has so many of the topics that I devour in a book, a lovely historical romance, gothic setting, mystery around a will, a touch of humor, and some fascinating characters. The opening chapter itself had me laughing out loud coz anyone with a lick of sense could recognize the identity of the stranger standing in front of Charlotte. It was not just the romance that was sparkling in brilliance but the suspense of unidentified shadows that lurk around the halls of Drymote added a mild spooky atmosphere. Charlotte is very practical in her nature and I loved her forthright manner in dealing with things. The way she helps Edward come to terms with his troubled past and the all-encompassing love that Edward displays for Charlotte without care or concern for anyone’s opinion was delightful.

If you are a fan of mysteries with romance set in the Victorian era, go ahead and read this captivating story, you won’t be disappointed!

Charlotte Mayweather, the penniless and illegitimate dependent of Drymote Estate, struggles to find her place in the world after the death of her uncle leaves her unloved and alone. When Edward Cotterhugh first arrives to claim his new inheritance, the heir of Drymote seems intent on nothing more than careless frivolity, much to the chagrin of his father, who will stop at nothing to see him embedded in good society. Charlotte quickly learns that Edward’s insouciant attitude hides a far darker past, though. As Edward learns to confront his ghosts, Charlotte fears that she is losing her sanity as her mother did before her. Together they must unravel the mysteries of Drymote upon All Hallow’s Eve, before it is too late.

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