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I was thoroughly impressed with Beth Fuller’s The Heir of Drymote (my review)
that honestly, I would happily read all her published works.

The Blackbird is a short novella by the author and once again, Beth Fuller managed to surprise me with the world of intrigue that she crafted thru her story. The setting of the story was fantastic, one can imagine the fog enshrouded streets of London that Ira walks in. The paranormal elements create a sense of foreboding for the reader and I loved how Ira feels compelled to help Dinah in fighting the evil.

I know this is a novella, but I still wished for a more lengthy romance between Ira and Dinah, well, that’s the romantic in me talking, else this is one perfect book for the chilly early dusk weather.

Many thanks to BookSirens and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Ira struggles to rescue a drowning mystery woman on All Hallows’ Eve. But he soon finds that it is not just her life that needs saving…

When Ira is sent home early from his work on All Hallows’ Eve, he finds a mysterious woman lingering on a bridge. She is desperate and wild, and as she falls into the river below, Ira follows, determined to save her against all odds. But when she awakens, he finds nearly drowning is the least of her worries. A far darker entity is haunting her. Can he save her before the time runs out?

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