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John Bishop MD, the author of this medical thriller Act Of Negligence was an orthopedic surgeon for 30 years and as such reading this story made me feel like a fly on the wall in Dr. Brady’s life. I had also checked the author’s website before reading and the book literally transported me to the world of medicine with the kind of effective writing and imagining the author himself as the character Dr. Brady. On that note, I think this is surely one for TV adaptation as an excellent medical series.

Medical thrillers are always a dicey option, some may work coz they don’t overburden the reader with too much information that may sound Greek and Latin to a casual reader but also provide the necessary facts that would authenticate the unfolding drama. In this, Dr. John has worked wonders, yes of course there are terms of orthopedics that went over my head but there’s a good balance that provides the easy acceptance of the info.

The mystery that surrounds the experiments on dementia patients was fantastic and the doctor has clearly used his experiences of a hospital culture in rendering the story. The villains are known beforehand but the painstaking effort by Dr. Brady and Dr. Jeff to get to the truth of the matter keeps the reader entertained till the action-packed end. The frustration of convincing insurance personnel of the necessity of admitting patients comes thru brilliantly. It was easy to empathize with the medical professionals when they are forced to offer treatment on the basis of being insured or not. The sexy relationship between Dr. Brady and his wife was exciting, conveying a feeling of warmth and coziness which also adds to the kind and loyal character of the protagonist.


Something unusual is going on with the dementia patients at Pleasant View Nursing Home.

Dr. Jim Bob Brady, Houston orthopedic surgeon and amateur sleuth, finds himself in the midst of a different type of medical mystery. His friend and colleague, Dr. James Morgenstern, refers him a series of dementia patients with orthopedic problems from Pleasant View Nursing Home. Each patient dies, irrespective of the treatment, a situation that Doc Brady is unaccustomed to.

Each death prompts an autopsy, performed by another Brady colleague, Dr. Jeff Clarke, who discovers unusual brain pathology in each patient. Some of the tissue samples show nerve regeneration, a finding unheard of in dementia patients.

Doc Brady, enraged by the loss of his patients and obsessively curious about the pathologic findings, begins to investigate the nursing home, as well as its owner and CEO, Dr. Theodore Frazier. This leads Brady and Clarke on an adventure to discover the happenings at Pleasant View—an adventure that sees them running for their lives.

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